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This is a fork of Paper that adds some features that have been proven useful to me or a project I take part in.

The project aims at being a drop-in replacement for Paper with ideally zero breaking changes in the default configuration. This should be the case in most situations.

Main features

  • Hybrid online-offline mode that allows online players to login as usual while offline players need to use login and register commands. This requires the use of Waterdrop proxy.
  • Forge handshake support
  • SmartListener
  • Player canSeePlayerEntities API that allows hiding all other players to a player
  • CommandBlockEditEvent and Player#canAlwaysOpenCommandBlocks
  • CommandBlockExecuteEvent
  • ServerShutdownEvent
  • Skeleton getAttackDelay and setAttackDelay
  • New Material helper methods
  • Compatibility with old command block selectors (like @a[r=3,m=2]) in plugin commands
  • VersionFetcher#isUpToDate
  • show-invalid-bed-message world config
  • forceUpgradeWorlds command line option to filter worlds when using forceUpgrade, and ETA when force-upgrading
  • ignoreChunkMismatch command line option to hide these errors
  • Blocks and items registration API (WIP)

Forge support

Right now Papyrus supports the forge handshake protocol, meaning it will appear as a forge server to forge clients, while connecting but also in the server list. Mods used by forge clients are logged.

In the long term it should support more of the protocol, allowing for seamless integration of the block / item registration API with forge client mods.


This is very similar to the usual Listener class but supports the use of event filters that can be used to replace long conditions on the beginning on event handlers. A few filters are provided but custom ones can easily be written. Filters can be mixed using and, or and negate.

public class MyListener extends SmartListener {

    public MyListener() {
        setFilter(new WorldFilter(MyPlugin.getMyWorld()));
    // ...

In this example only events that occur in the provided world will be sent to the handlers.

Blocks and items registration API

This feature is currently WIP.

Papyrus allows blocks and items registration at runtime (more precisely, at plugin load time).
The API is not done yet and is not available in current builds.
Material class has been rewritten and is not an enum anymore. This is obviously a breaking change but most plugins compiled for CraftBukkit/Spigot/Paper should work fine because of various compatibility layers that are being applied.
Plugins that do not work with Papyrus should be reported (please open an issue).